Organise! is an anarchist political group in Ireland who take inspiration from the self directed struggles of working-class people, particularly as organised on anarcho-syndicalist lines. Our history goes back to the original formation of Organise! by the Ballymena and Antrim Anarchist Groups in 1984.

We are actively working to promote solidarity in opposition to capitalism, the state, patriarchy and all other forms of oppression and hierarchy. The way we organise reflects the free society we want to create: one based on voluntary association, democratic participation and self-management.

Our members are workers, claimants, students, migrants, unemployed and other working-class people committed to building a libertarian communist union movement actively opposed to all forms of oppression and exploitation.

We aim to promote solidarity in our workplaces and communities, encouraging people to organise independently of, and opposed to, government, bosses and bureaucrats to fight for our own interests as a class. We see libertarian communism as emerging from working-class struggles in the here and now.

Our activity is therefore aimed at promoting, assisting and developing such struggles, which both benefit our lives today and advance the movement and the future that we all deserve.