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Initiated by the Anarchist Communist Group, the No Safety – No Work campaign is by and for workers keeping each other safe during the coronavirus pandemic. The campaign is now supported by Organise!, Angry Workers of the World, Dorset IWW, Haringey Solidarity Group, Let’s Get Rooted, Punks Against Sweatshops, Revolutionary Anarchist Group, and Wessex Solidarity.

While many workers are coping with being laid off as a result of employers and government action, during the pandemic, many have been working throughout. Initially lauded as essential workers, this recognition has not been worth much in reality. Many of us are desperate to return to work or to hold onto our jobs because we need them to survive. While we are being increasingly monitored and our lives become increasingly dystopian, we continue to be herded in and out of workplaces with little to no regard to our health and safety.

The No Safety? No Work! Campaign is urging workers to refuse to endanger themselves, their fellow workers and their families. It provides support and resources to help set up independent health and safety committees in the workplace, to run awareness campaigns, and ultimately support for those refusing to work in unsafe conditions. You don’t have to face this alone.

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