Welcome to Class War, the new anarcho-syndicalist bulletin from members of Organise! in the Republic of Ireland. Our comrades in the north have been putting out Black Star regularly now for over a year and we thought it was past time for a bulletin of our own. We’ll be appearing irregularly to start with and regular editions depend on the continued growth of Organise! in the 26 counties and the involvement of new people in our activity and propaganda work.

Not to be mistaken for the organisation (either the Class War Federation or the Class War Party) we have been inspired by Camillo  Berneri’s newspaper Guerre de Classe which was edited by him in Italy and then, in exile, in Spain until his assassination on May 5th 1937. Berneri along with Francesco Barbieri were taken out of their apartment by a dozen plainclothes men with red armbands and police. The corpses of the two Italian anarchists were found riddled with bullets – assassinated by Stalinist counter-revolutionaries during the Spanish Civil War.

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