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Our Anti-Fascist stickers are great for countering far-right bile and propaganda. They are big enough to cover any of the shite these boneheads stick on lampposts and, in as much as possible on a sticker, get to the roots of fascist racism and anti-working class ideology which lie in patriotism and nationalism.

We are asking everyone who sticks these stickers up to take a snap and let us see how far they get. Let’s counter fascist stickers wherever they appear. Fascism is not welcome in our communities.

Get a bundle of the stickers here and send photos of where you’ve stuck them up and we’ll post them here.

This sticker was used to cover fash shite on the Lisburn Road
At Derriaghy Railway halt
We’ve been told that this one was stuck up in the approximate location of the old Warzone Centre doorway.
This one has been stuck up in the doorway of the old Just Books premises in Berry Street.

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